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SETSis a training organization based in Paris, which operates everywhere in France and more.

SETSoffers various and adapted training courses that allow everyone to work on their contribution, cooperation and accountability. Through training,SETS  helps to develop encouragement from several sides to optimize educational and professional relationships.

SETSoffers individuals and groups (both in business and in the field of education) a simple, concrete and effective long-term approach.

I'encouragement en is the dominating lever.

Discipline Positive

Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is an approach based on firmness and kindness that uses encouragement as a lever for change.

It develops psychosocial skills in everyone.

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Chahra Joubrel Merahi

Teacher and qualified trainer in Positive Discipline, founder of "ENSETS »since 2018.

Chahra Joubrel Merahi

Teacher and certified trainer in Positive Discipline, founder of 

"ENSETS »since 2018.

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