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"Despite the health situation, it was a great pleasure for my team to welcome Chahra to the establishment. The quality of her interventions, her ability to listen and the various activities she offered us allowed us to it is up to each of us to project ourselves and set up activities quite easily.

The support that Chahra offers throughout the training, including the adjustments that were necessary during this period when it was necessary to adapt regularly, shows its professionalism and its ability to adapt to different people and personalities. "

StephanieDirector of a private school under 1st degree contract.

"If the two associated terms 'positive discipline' seem so contradictory and form an oxymoron comparable to Corneille's 'obscure clarity', it appears that when students follow the series of modules provided by the bright, warm and always smiling Chahra Joubrel , everything becomes clear to them! The importance of fluidity in interpersonal relationships then flows naturally and students enter adulthood in full consciousness, gaining confidence, self-esteem and respect for others. layout and layout of the workshops, the students being placed in a circle, combined with the multiplicity of language activities offered, contribute to a spirit of benevolence and benevolence that oozes when everyone, an observer, scrutinizes the gaze of the members involved in the training As a result, at the end of the training, each student has greater control of his character for the benefit of the common good, an availability coupled with attention to listen to his neighbor until the end of his argument, an ability growing in wanting to learn about oneself and about others without forgetting the development of a sense of responsibility for these future professionals "
Sylvain GRELIERInstitut Clorivière welcoming BTS

"With her training, Chahra helped me to put a more defined framework on what positive discipline is on a daily basis.

She brought me the vocabulary and the articulation of the mechanisms that I lacked to do a work then deepened and more in continuity with the children (at work but also in my role of mother).

The children practiced the brain in the hand and explain it to their peers when they are in crisis to help them regain their composure.

They have also worked on the wheel of forgiveness and are starting to take the reflex to use it during arguments.

Positive discipline was initially a state of mind for me and I learned that it is enriched with methods and experiences. We apply it, we share it, we transmit it. "

AureliaHead of the leisure structure in Brégy (Oise)

"For my part, I found the training interesting and captivating. All taught in a good atmosphere. Chahra knows how to put us at ease in all circumstances.

Chahra has been able to create a link with professionals as well as children and parents.

She reassured, gave new avenues for reflection and above all concrete tools, adaptable in professional and family environments. "

Animatorsof Leisure Centers in Betz (Oise)

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