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Adlerian Principless

Adler highlights the feelings of Belonging and Contribution as the two essential needs of the human being. We are social beings who want to “belong” and find our place in the group by contributing to its proper functioning. For Adler, man is constructed by and in the link to the other.

The Adlerian approach is global. Each individual exists with his body, his mind and his unconscious, but also in his family, his social context, his professional situation. Our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviors are closely linked.

Every human being deserves respect and dignity.

All behavior has a purpose, a purpose.

Constructive change is facilitated by encouragement that focuses on the strengths of the individual.

Students form their beliefs from the perception of their own experiences. These will influence their behavior throughout their lives. Positive Discipline focuses on the needs that lie behind students' recurring behaviors.

We decide what we do. Therefore, we can change. Even if we are powerless to change a situation, we can choose our response.

  Individual freedom comes with social responsibilities.

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